March being nothing but itself... A TEASE! | The Lawn Whisperer Blog
March being nothing but itself... A TEASE!
By ronnycav1, Published on March 19, 2021

My first blog post happens to be on a 60-degree day, sunny with no clouds to be found, making everyone (myself included) believe that spring has officially arrived. Historically, March is the beginning of spring which brings on the excitement to go outside and enjoy your backyard once again. As you see the snow melt, your mind so easily dreams about the great moments this summer will bring.

I join you as a fellow daydreamer, however, this is my reminder to you all that the warmer weather doesn’t bring desirable turf conditions immediately. In fact, all that snow melting will create wet and muddy soil conditions simply because water could not penetrate the soil profile at the rate it was melting. Even if you're lucky enough to not have soggy conditions, the relatively short/cold days will still prohibit your lawn from waking up.

These wet conditions are very common to us Long Islanders in the spring and we can expect nothing different this year. If your desire to go play outside outweighs other options, just know that the areas affected by the increased traffic will lag behind in the waking up process, which is still a few weeks away.

But hey, keep on daydreaming about those backyard barbecues, pool days and outdoor adventures and soon enough they will arrive. But while you're waiting, finish up your inside winter projects and get ready for yet another great year.